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Computer Support/Maintenance : Computer Repairs : Software Support/Maintenance : Hardware Support : Cabling Installs : Wireless Network Installation : Surveillance System Installation/Maintenance : Corporate Software License Compliance : Corporate PC Rollouts : Small Business Network Installation : Small Business Network Support : Hardware Inventory Management ; Software Optimization : Software Updates : PC/Server Updates : Hardware Replacement Installation : Corporate Network Installation / Maintenance : Virus / Malware Removal : Active Directory Configuration : Web & Social Media Management : Data Back Up & Restoration : Data Entry & Document Control : More…

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Home Solutions

Computer Support/ Maintenance : Computer Repairs : Software Support/Maintenance : Hardware Support : Home Network/File Sharing Installation : Wireless Network Installation : Surveillance System Installation : New PC Setup & Support : Software Optimization : Software Updates : PC Updates : Hardware Replacement Installation : Home Theater Installation : : Wireless Peripheral Installation : Virus / Malware Removal : Secure Data Storage Configuration : Smart Home Installation : More…

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Other Solutions

If you have an idea or image that has any form of electronic media involved, give us a call!

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solutions for business & home

WNY Technology Solutions is your technology solution source.

From network setup and maintenance to virus and malware removal to home theater installations and Smart Home installations we can assist you with your project.

We like technology as much as you do, and we want your project to go as smooth as possible.

We believe that by making sure the customer is 100% satisfied, you will recommend us to others.


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